Step 1 : Attach the adhesive pads on the back of the humidifier to the center of the inside lid ( the ceiling ) of the humidor. Press firmly – the bond has to withstand the constant high humidity.
Step 2 : Moisten all interior wood surfaces of the humidor. This will season the wood so it doesn’t suck up all the moisture in the humidifier.
Step 3 : Using a specially formulated humidor solution, soak the included humidifier. It may take a couple of minutes for a new humidifier to become fully saturated, you will know the humidifier is full when the solution begins to puddle on its surface. Wipe off the excess liquid and attach the humidifier to the pad inside the lid.
Step 4 : Re-soak the sponge and place it in your small bowl inside the humidor. Close the lid and leave it overnight.
Step 5 : After an initial 24 hour resting period, the hygrometer should indicate a reading of between 65% to 75% relative humidity. This is the optimum range for ideal cigar storage.
Step 6 : Refill the humidifier on a routine basis every 7 to 10 days. More often if the hygrometer is reading a low humidity < 65% or less often if the hygrometer is reading a high humidity > 75%.
Step 7 : Place your humidor in a location away from direct sunlight, air ducts and other sources of heating or air conditioning. Normal room temperature is ideal.
Step 8 : Fill your new humidor with your favourite cigars!