Jingle Pot ~ Cavendish/Sweet/Light ~ Ebony black, dark toasted Burley with a hint of vanilla bean.

Cinnibar ~ Cavendish/Sweet/Light ~ Black & brown Burley base toasted and aged with coco bean.

Island Blend ~ Cavendish/Sweet/Medium ~ Virginia & Burley with a distinctive nutty character.

Woodley Range ~ English/Savoury/Light ~ Bright & toasted Virginia with a dash of savoury Latakia.

Loggin’ Road ~ English/Savoury/Medium ~ Dark toasted Virginia sprinkled with bright & a dash of rum.

New Castle ~ English/Savoury/Medium ~ Classic mixture with a generous portion of Brazilian Maduro.

Wolf Creek ~ English/Savoury/Medium ~ Light & dark Virginia with cube cut Burley and Latakia.

Latakia ~ English/Savoury/Full ~ Various Turkish leaf smoke cured and aged until black – a condiment.

Gold Stream ~ Virginia/Natural/Light ~ Bright & gold Virginia with a hint of that natural sweetness.

Dunsmuir ~ Virginia/Natural/Medium ~ Classic “Red Virginia” ribbon cut with a woodsy aroma.

Kanaka Bay ~ Virginia/Natural/Medium ~ Layers of select Virginia pressed, aged and long cut – a classic.

Buttertubs Brûlée ~ Cavendish/Sweet/Light ~ Light & Dark Virginia with buttered creamy vanilla taste.

Millstone ~ Burley/Natural/Medium ~ White cube cut & bright Burley with a satisfying depth of flavour.

Departure Bay ~ English/Savoury/Medium ~ Interesting Cavendish and English blend – “sugar & spice”.

Wellington Road ~ English/Savoury/Full ~ Grand mixture of Virginia, Turkish, Latakia & Perique.

Black Jack Ridge ~ English/Savoury/Full ~ Virginia, Turkish, lots of Latakia, Perique & Aged Maduro.

Bastion ~ Cavendish/Sweet/Light ~ Bright & Black Green River with a hint of French Vanilla.

Bowen Road ~ Cavendish/Sweet/Medium ~ Brown Burley and Bright Virginia with Irish liqueur.

Tyne Point ~ Cavendish/Sweet/Medium ~ Dark brown & black Burley mixture with chocolate brandy.

Icarus Point ~ Cavendish/Sweet/Medium ~ Burley, black with a little dark brown, tasting of crème brulee.

Haven Wood ~ Cavendish/Sweet/Medium ~ Burley & Virginia with a dash of Canadian Maple.

Weddle’s Lake ~ Cavendish/Sweet/Medium ~ Burley, Virginia & black Cavendish with peach brandy.

Uplands ~ Cavendish/Sweet/Medium ~ Burley, Virginia & black Cavendish with chocolate-cherry liqueur.

Mount De Cosmos ~ Cavendish/Sweet/Medium ~ Black raspberry liqueur & mild French vanilla Burley.