Smoke Rings very own house blends.

The world famous Green River Black Cavendish expertly blended with Burley and Virginia tobaccos. The flavour and aroma are outstanding.

Tyne Point
Top grade natural Cavendish, hand blended with bright Virginia and mild black Cavendish. The brandy casing gives this blend a great flavour and aroma.

Island Blend
A great Danish formula made from Cavendish and Virginia tobacco. The teasing aroma of hickory nuts adds character.

Cortez Cafe
Carolina Ribbon and toasted black Cavendish with the savoury flavour of Columbian mocha beans. For the coffee lover.

Pipers Lagoon
Brown and black Cavendish with a touch of butter scotch . . . Aye laddie, that’s the dram that sets this blend apart!

Icarus Point
Virginia and Burley tobaccos aged and sweetened with a delicious vanilla, caramel combination that are sure to please.

Jingle Pot Cavendish
Virginia and Burley tobaccos are heat treated and cured then aged to create a deep black Cavendish. Finished with a dash of French vanilla, subtle and sweet.

Pimbury Point
Burley and black Cavendish imbued with fine apricot brandy. A very smooth and mellow smoke with a great room note.

Straight of Georgia Peach
Kentucky Burley flavoured with finest Georgia peach. Stoved, fermented and aged to produce a dark, mild tobacco with a wonderful aroma.

Church Street Cavendish
This new formula was inspired by a visit to the Hemingway Bar in Old Havana. Evoking the pleasure of a refreshing Strawberry Daiquiri.

This rich, dark blend is a combination of Virginia and black Cavendish. The finishing touch is subtle Black Cherry.

Golden Carolina ribbon cut with black Cavendish steeped in a rich three cherry liqueur; very cherry! Very, very cherry!

Bowen Road
Bright Virginia and Burley tobaccos enhanced with the flavour of Irish cream and a complex vanilla casing. Mild and delightfully aromatic.

Yellow Point
The peak of Burley perfection. Prime Kentucky and Maryland Burley’s combine to achieve a smooth, mild but flavourful smoke.

Old Nanaimo
This is one of the great old traditional style tobaccos. Old Belt Kentucky Burley is the main component with a natural nutty flavour and a hint of sweetness.

Morrell Sanctuary
Red and dark matured Virginia tobacco are cured and aged to bring out their best naturally sweet characteristics.

Top grade Virginia tobaccos pressed and aged in old maple bourbon barrels. Like a traditional Virginia flake with some of the character of a great Cavendish.

Kanaka Bay
Sliced Red, golden and dark Virginias are blended together and then pressed into a cake format. Naturally sweet and zesty – the classic Virginia flake.

Morden Mines
An old style navy flake. The finest Virginia tobaccos are lightly stoved then pressed and aged to a rich, dark almost ebony perfection.

This blend consists of milder Latakia from Cypress with Virginia combined with black Brazilian sun cured tobacco. A mild English style mixture, mellow and rich.

Departure Bay
An English style blend with a twist. Sweet Cavendish tobaccos are the base with an ample portion of Syrian Latakia for that exotic hint of spice.

Entrance Island
The ideal blend for those looking for an introduction to the traditional English style mixture. A Red Virginia base with mild Turkish varieties and just a hint of Latakia. This is a light English.

Wellington Road
A traditional mixture of red Virginia, Turkish, Burley, Latakia and Perique tobaccos. The Classic English style blend – medium strength.

Englishman River
This is about as far as you can take the classic English mixture to the “dark side”. Rich stoved matured Virginia with a lot of Latakia and a healthy helping of Perique.

Pouch Tobacco.

Amphora Original and Full Aroma
Backwoods Buttered Rum, Black n Gold and Cherry
Borkum Riff Bourbon Whiskey and Cherry Cavendish
Colts Gold Deluxe and American Mixture
Peterson Irish Dew, Aran, Connemera Black and Wild Atlantic
Sail Natural and Aromatic

Tinned Tobacco.

4th Generation




Cornell & Diehl


Mac Baren



Samuel Gawith