People often ask, which are the best cigars? The simple answer is, the one you are enjoying right now. You are the best judge of which cigars are the best for you. Taste is very subjective and there is a vast and varied range of sizes, strengths and prices available. You may think this makes it a daunting task to find that perfect smoke. But let’s look at this another way.

Variety really is the spice of life. Exploring the world of cigars should be a pleasurable experience. Along the way you will find a few that don’t agree with you, a lot that you will enjoy and some that you will really love, ( much like the women in your life).

There are quality cigars made all over the world but most of the best are produced by Cuba, The Dominican Republic, Honduras, Mexico and Nicaragua. There are also cigars worthy of note coming to us from Holland, Switzerland, Indonesia and Jamaica. Sizes range from the diminutive cigarillos to the massive double coronas. Strengths vary from the ultra mild to rich and spicy. Prices start at about a dollar all the way up to over fifty dollars and beyond. To cap it all off there are dozens of different brands. This is a good thing!

All of this variety and selection lends a spirit of real adventure to your personal voyage of exploration and discovery. Have fun while you search for your own favorites. You can narrow the field though.

Use three basic rules to help focus your selection :

  1. Stay withing a price range in your comfort zone. Spending too much taints the flavour with guilt.
  2. Select a cigar you can enjoy in one sitting. Relighting a day or so later is not recommended because the flavour is spoiled, becoming harsh and bitter.
  3. Match the strength to your palates experience, time of day and accompanying beverage. Mild for beginners, early in the day with light drinks, spicy with experience, after a full meal and with brandy or single malts.

Above all else – Enjoy!